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Oh Heyyyy!

I'm Jemini and welcome to my blog where I can basically ramble about anything and everything I want.

THINGS YOU MAY WANT TO KNOW (Or else you wouldn't be reading this page)

  • I'm an Oriental Brit who has been infected by the travel bug.

  • You pronounce my name as Jem-min-nee not Gemini (like the star sign) nor Jemima (yes, I've had that before.

  • I graduated with a Media & Communications degree from Birmingham City University and I'm now working in marketing for a hair & beauty company.

  • I love animals, my dog Bobby will always be my number one.

  • A perfect day to me would consist of eating lots of food, drinking abnormally large cups of tea, binge-watching TV and taking regular naps.

  • Obsessed with Ketchup.

  • My wardrobe consists on 70% Spring/Summer clothes and 30% Winter clothes because I have the tendency to hibernate during Winter.



  1. Hey!!
    My Liebster Award post is up and I nominated you as one of my favourite “new” blogs slash I kind of just cheated and nominated heaps of my recent favourite blogs!
    Anyways I’d love if you checked it out and keep doing you, I love your blog!

  2. Hi
    I have studied at BCU also media and communication amd have done some filming and music video and travel around the globe it would be intrested if we catch up for a coffee or lunch at Birmingham City Center and talk things in common.

    Thanks 4 reading and looking forward


  3. another cliche social media girl as the other 10 million girls on the internet. fashion, lifestyle, beauty, dog, me me me


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