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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

My Hair Journey | Dark To Light Hair

How to get dark to light hair before and after
Earlier this year, I took the plunge to dye my virgin dark brown/black hair to a lighter colour. Throughout my life, I would say that I've been somewhat adventurous with my hair i.e. ombre-ing my own hair or cutting my own side fringe during my teenage years (let's not talk about that). As I've had a few bad experiences with hair salons in my childhood, I haven't stepped foot in one until earlier this year.

After "braving" a two-inch cut from my local Regis hair salon, I just couldn't get enough. I went back wanted them to take more inches off and cut layers in for me - man, I felt like a new woman. Since I was in that new found hype, it only took me a week to decide that I wanted to lighten my hair.

As I'm too lazy to consistently get my roots redone, I knew I wanted to get a balayage as it requires lower maintenance and looks more natural than getting highlights or an ombre. In regards to colour, I was unsure on what I actually wanted. I knew I wanted to go lighter but didn't know how light I wanted to go. As a certain stylist from another salon was recommended to me because of her expertise in balayages and ombres, I had my first salon hair colouring experience with her. After explaining to me in my consultation that the lightness depends on how well my natural hair colour lifts, I was ready to see how light my hair could go in one salon sitting.

My hair actually lifted really well! Even the stylist was surprised because virgin hair is normally harder to lift. After bleaching, she toned the hair down to a soft caramel colour. I absolutely loved my hair when I walked out of the salon. I loved the colour and how healthy my hair felt even after bleaching.

How to get dark to light hair before and after

After settling in with my new hair for about a week, I started to realise that my hair wasn't blended in very well after all. The blonder bits especially at the front of my hair looked really blocky and there were thick chunks of my natural hair that were left uncoloured. As balayage always look better curled, I guess I was under the illusion that my hair was blended in well because the stylist curled my hair before I left the salon. The main reason why I wanted a balayage was because it was meant to be low maintenance. I always wear my hair straight, so if I had to curl my hair every day to disguise the unblended colour, then that defies the whole point.

How to get dark to light hair before and after

In an attempt to get my hair corrected, I went to another salon (yes another one) to see if they can do anything about it. The stylist there knew exactly what to do. She only bleached the hair that weren't lightened previously to avoid any damage and filled in all the parts that were missed last time. My hair was then toned to a dark toffee blonde. Here is a picture of me and Sat before attending a wedding:

How to get dark to light hair before and after

As you can see, my hair looks a lot more blended in and natural - I love it! To maintain the colour of my hair, I've been using Tigi Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo and Conditioner once a week to prevent it from becoming brassy. Due to having dry scalp, I use Salon Science Hydration and Scalp Relief range* to soothe and relieve my scalp. It also restores moisture to my hair too, which is amazing because it keeps my hair feeling soft and nourished - just what my hair needs after bleaching!

What do you guys think of my lighter hair?

*This post contains PR  samples.  All views and opinions are my own. 

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