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Friday, 2 June 2017

Cutting Sugar Cravings With Slissie

Slissie dieting device how to cut and reduce sugar cravings snacking review
I have a few events coming up in the Summer and I've been procrastinating on dieting for so long. It’s gotten to the point where my boyfriend will roll his eyes every time the word 'diet' comes out of my mouth. Anyway, now that the realisation of Summer has kicked in (after having a week of sunshine), I am now determined to lose a few extra pounds.

I literally despise exercise. I hate cardio, weight training and the whole gym thing. The only time I break a sweat is when I go to my dance classes and when I get serious meat sweats from eating too much meat. My eating habits are so bad too. I snack a lot and I always make sure that I’m painfully full after each meal because my stomach doesn’t understand the concept of eating "just enough." So when I was asked if I would like to review a new electronic slimming device called Slissie, I jumped at the chance because the opportunity couldn’t have come soon enough! 

Like people vaping in an attempt to quit smoking, Slissie is a device that attempts to help people (like me) to stop snacking. I really like the concept of this product, it basically sends a burst of appetite suppressing flavours to help you resist those sugar cravings. The design of the device actually looks like an e-cigarette but there's no vaping or smoking involved. Instead, you're basically sucking in flavoured air. I received the Slissie Original Starter Pack, which came with a Slissie battery, a charger and 3 refills of flavours - Super Mint, Fruit and Vanilla. My favourite flavour is the fruit one, but that's probably because I like fruity things. I didn't really like the vanilla flavour because it tasted pretty odd and not like vanilla at all. Saying that though, the flavours were all pretty strong if used correctly. I've read a few bad reviews about the flavours being weak, but I think that just comes down to actually knowing how to use the device. I have to admit, it did take me quite a long time to figure out how to use it properly. Here are the instructions from Slissie's website on how to use it:
  1. Charge your Slissie for one hour. The button will be red when it's charging and turn off when it's full.
  2. Our new batteries do not have a safety cover so you will not need to remove it.
  3. Remove the small green plug from the bottom of your chosen tank, remove the mouthpiece cap from the top and wipe clean any droplets of liquid. Screw onto your Slissie.
  4. Press the button on your Slissie 5 times quickly to turn it on. Your Slissie will flash blue 3 times to show that it is on.
  5. Press the button for 4 seconds. You will hear the battery activating. Release the button for 2 seconds, then suck like a straw. Repeat this process 5 times to allow the flavours to come through as heating them will make the taste stronger. 
  6. If you are done with your Slissie, put the mouthpiece cap back on and turn it off by pressing 5 times quickly again.
Slissie dieting device how to cut and reduce sugar cravings snacking review

Slissie dieting device how to cut and reduce sugar cravings snacking review

Slissie dieting device how to cut and reduce sugar cravings snacking review

Slissie dieting device how to cut and reduce sugar cravings snacking review

A Slissie Starter Pack cost £39.99 and lasts for 21 days. After that, you'll have to purchase a refill kit to continue using the device (£12.99 for 3 flavours of your choice). I do think that it's expensive, especially if you need to keep buying the refill kit to develop and maintain the habit of cutting sugar cravings. Did it work for me? I've tried Slissie for about a week and a half now and it hasn't made any difference to me. However, I can't blame that all on Slissie because I know that there's been plenty of office treats that I haven't even thought twice about before devouring.

Even though I've tried using the device a few times in the office (the place where I need it most, as office-snacking is the devil), I've been reluctant to use it because it makes me look like I'm smoking an e-cigarette. I will continue to use it because I do think that it's a brilliantly smart product. But in order to use it freely in the office, I'll have to introduce Slissie to my colleagues and manager so that I don't get myself in the position of being skinny.... but unemployed.

What do you guys think of this product? Have you tried something like this before?

*I received a complimentary Slissie Starter Kit for the purpose of this review.  All views and opinions are my own. 

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