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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How To Curl Straight Asian Eyelashes

How to curl straight short asian eyelashes LVL Enhance lash treatment blog review before and after pictures
William Shakespeare once said that "The eyes are the window to your soul". Very beautiful indeed... but I'm sorry Will, if you had met me, you certainly wouldn't have said that.

My eyes are virtually non-existent with my straight-ass eyelashes covering them. The pain of growing up with Caucasian girls (and boys) with naturally curly eyelashes was always an eye-roll moment for me. Since I was 16, I've always curled my eyelashes with my eyelash curler every morning. I actually tried perming them once but the curls dropped after around 2 weeks, so I went back to my standard eyelash curler and accepted my fate. That was until I had the opportunity to test out the LVL Enhance lash treatment by Nouveau Lashes. When the opportunity came, there was no hesitation. A chance to turn my stick-straight lashes to glorious fluttery eyelashes? C'mon, I'd be stupid not to!

So what is LVL? 
LVL stands for Length-Volume-Lift. It is a lash treatment that takes around 45 minutes altogether. It involves straightening the lashes from the root to give you that wide-eyed effect. Lash tinting to create the appearance of wearing mascara. Then an application of conditioning serum to seal the deal.

I LURVEEED IT!!! I've never seen my eyelashes that curly! It allowed me to have an extra 10 minutes in bed each morning because there wasn't a need to apply eye makeup (what a bonus!). The only negative thing that I will say about it is that it was quite hard to apply eyeliner due to how curly the lashes were. That being said, once the lashes did start to drop, there was no problem. The results were said to last around 6-8 weeks, which I was really skeptical at first due to the experience that I had with my first lash perm - but guess what? My lashes did stay on for the whole 8 weeks! On the 6th and 7th week, my lashes started to drop but was still holding a nice natural curl. Then on the 8th and 9th week, most of the lashes dropped.

I cannot believe that the LVL lash treatment worked for me. You have no idea how hard it was for my straight Asian lashes to hold a curl! It's definitely going to be a treatment that I will continue to have. Priced from around £40-£60 depending on your location (more expensive if you're in London for example), I definitely think that it's worth it.

I've finally found the magic potion to my lashes!!! Have you tried the LVL lash treatment before?

*LVL Enhance treatment was paid for by Nouveau Lashes for review purposes.  All views and opinions are my own. 

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