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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Review | March 2016 Birchbox

March 2016 Birchbox Word Up! Review
My second Birchbox has arrived! Presented in a neon pink box with a word search print on the cover, this month's Birchbox theme is 'Word Up!'

March 2016 Birchbox Word Up! Review

March 2016 Birchbox Word Up! Review

What I Received...

I always aim to put a face mask on once every week. Recently, it stopped crossing my mind and if I'm honest... I've totally forgotten about it until now. I'm so happy that this face mask has sprung up on me now though! It contains hyaluronic acid which helps to boost moisture retention for up to 24 hours by working beneath the skin's surface, which is totally what I need right now as my skin has really been affected by the bitterly cold temperature.

Lip balms are one of my ultimate beauty products that I can't live without. When I saw this lip balm from Birchbox's new brand ARROW in my box, I was really happy because it's a lip balm that enhances your lip's natural colour by adjusting to your pH - something that I've never owned or come across. Coming in a fresh minty scent, I can already tell that it could be my potential new favourite.

Any beauty products that goes to work whilst I'm sleeping is something that strongly appeals to me. I swear by my Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate every night, so I am intrigued to see if Polaar's Polar Night Cream can do the same wonders, if not more.

Claimed to help reverse the early invisible signs of enamel erosion, this minty toothpaste is also said to protect against cavities and boost natural whiteness. I've used Colgate all my life and it would take a lot to make me convert. I love that this is in a nice sized sample tube, I'll definitely be taking this with me when I travel in the next couple of weeks.

My hair is really prone to becoming dry and brittle due to having long thick hair. I have my fair share of split ends too, so this nourishing hair mask by Amika is a god-send product for my tresses. All-natural and packed with sea buckthorn berry and jojoba oil, I can't wait to intensely hydrate my hair with this. The only negative thing I can say, is that I wish that they gave a bit more product in this sample. My hair reaches down to my waist and I can tell by the size of the sample that I can only use it on the mid-shaft to the ends of my hair with absolutely none spare for any hair higher than that. But hey, a sample's a sample right?! (Being greedy again).

I actually haven't used brow gel before and I've been meaning to try it since a long time ago. So when I received this fibre brow gel in Medium to Dark by Australian beauty brand ModelCo, it was one of the main products out of my Birchbox that I was itching to try.

My Thoughts...

I am well and truly happy with what I received from March's Birchbox. This month, Birchbox states that they're all about helping us with the search for our ultimate beauty discovery, and I definitely feel like they did exactly that. After last month's box, I was happy with what I'd received but I didn't feel like every one of the products were really me? After realising that I hadn't updated my profile after signing up, I quickly updated it with all my information and interests. Next thing I know, everything in my March Birchbox catered to my needs and wants! So remember to update your profile if you haven't done so already.

I'm really impressed with this month's box and I can't wait to try all the products out! What did you receive?



  1. The hydraluron mask is incredible, I love it ♥


    1. I haven't tried it yet! Defo gonna try it tonight ;) x

  2. Thanks for your kins words on my blog, hun! Glad to have a fellow midland's blogger on here too :).

    p.s - this post is making me want to re-subscribe to a beauty box! Just can't decide between birch and glossy lol

    withloveploy.co.uk x

  3. Thanks for stopping by! That's what I was like before I subscribed to Birchbox lol. Really tempted to try Glossybox after this though x

  4. Ooh this looks a really great box! I've never given Birchbox a try before but I would like to, I like that you get such good sized samples in there :D love your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  5. Great review, you had slightly different products to me, I like your selection better x

    1. Thank you :) Yeah, with some products it's quite hit and miss x

  6. You got a great selection in your March UK Birchbox!! I am curious about that toothpaste! :)




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