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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My 14 Day Fitness Journey: Bootea Teatox Review - Part 2

14 and 28 day fitness journey with Bootea teatox programme review
So the time has come, my 14 days are all finally done and dusted! I managed to stick to what I said I would do in my previous post (you can see it here), but did I see any results...?

Unfortunately, no. My two weeks of Bootea actually did nothing for me. My whole point of doing this short fitness journey was because I wanted to get a bit fitter and more toned before I fly off to Hong Kong and Bali. Having tried Skinnymint before, I was really optimistic about Bootea because of the great results I had with a teatox programme. Now I wish I hadn't because I realised the REAL TRUTH as to why my particular Bootea did not work.

                 Before                                            After

My 14 day fitness journey results with bootea teatox programme before and after     My 14 day fitness journey results with bootea teatox programme before and after

As you can see from my before and after images, there are hardly any differences to my body. If I have to point out a difference that I have noticed, I would just say that the definition on my abs were ever so slightly increased... but that was due to some vigorous ab exercises I did.

What I Did & My Results 

Height - 5ft 5inches

Weight - 55kg | 8.6st

Fitness - Exercised 3 times a week.

Diet - Ate what I normally did for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Reduced snacking inbetween meals and drank 2-3litres of water every day.

The Real Reason Why Bootea Didn't Work For Me

I'm going to be brutally honest here. Throughout the course of this journey, I carried on feeling bloated throughout the whole 14 days and I didn't have that 'laxative-effect' teatox cycles normally give to 'cleanse' out the toxins from your body. Initially I thought that it was Bootea that falsely advertised their ingredients because I had spotted that the ingredients on the back of my Bootea packaging were different to what was stated on Bootea's own website. Next annoying thing I'd realised, is that I had somehow bought and received a 'Laxative Free' version from Boots. In the night-time tea, the Senna Leaves (natural laxative) and Valerian Root were replaced with Dessicated Coconut - which explains why I felt like there were no effects from my Bootea.

My 14 day fitness journey results with bootea teatox programme review

Bootea laxative free review night time tea ingredients

I found this all really bizarre because I remembered that I didn't specifically choose 'Laxative Free' when I bought my Bootea from Boots.com. Upon investigating this, I went back to Boots' website and saw that the product title and description featured did not state that this tea was laxative free which misled me and many other buyers (expressed in the reviews) to buy this version of both the 14 day and the 28 day programme.

My 14 day fitness journey results with bootea teatox programme review

What's even stranger about this purchase is that Bootea doesn't stock the Laxative-Free version on their own product list on their site. Nor is it available anywhere else. The only place where you can get the laxative-free version of Bootea is from Boots. Which leads me to think that this version is exclusive to Boots? However, I don't think that's the case, as Boots don't stock the original version but do stock other products from Bootea. So Bootea HQ may have supplied Boots with the wrong batch to sell? Whatever the real reason is, Boots should have stated clearly that it is laxative free as opposed to just showing it on the image as customers can easily overlook the image as it is not stated on the product title and description.

Price: 2/5 ✮✮
I have given 2 stars for the price because I bought this product from Boots.com when they had 25% off. I would've given more stars for this product if it was the original version. In terms of benefits and effects, this was no different to green tea. So I would've preferred to spend £2.00 for a box of green tea than £26 for this laxative-free Bootea.
Taste: 3/5 ✮✮
I have given 3 stars for the taste as it was tolerable. I don't like the taste of teatoxes or flavoured tea in general, as I remembered having to down my tea when I was doing a Skinnymint cycle last year due to the taste. I did find myself doing the same by downing my Bootea every day and every other night, even though the taste was much more tolerable due to the Senna Leaves being replaced by Desiccated Coconut.
Results: 0/5 
Unfortunately, I have given no stars to this Bootea for my results. I was debating to give it at least 1 star because I felt bad, but I have to be truly honest to myself and to my readers as I gained zero benefits from this. I didn't feel like my body was 'cleansed', due to this being a laxative-free version. I also didn't feel more energetic or that it gave an additional 'boost' throughout the typical day. I carried on feeling bloated all of the time and on top of that, I gained an extra pound, but that could be retained water as I increased my daily intake of water so much. I honestly feel like I would've been better off drinking green tea or Chinese herbal teas twice a day for better health benefits than this laxative-free version of the Bootea Teatox Programme.

Overall, I am incredibly disappointed with this fitness journey. Even though I exercised and toned up a little, it wasn't because Bootea gave me the energy to do it. It was because mentally I needed to do it as I had made a commitment to from the start. Also, most of the time I had to really force myself to exercise due to the consistent bloated feeling. I just felt that I had wasted my time and money on this product, which is really annoying as I go on holiday in a couple of days. I am mostly disappointed with Boots as I tend to shop there regularly. They really should have stated in the product title and description that their Bootea Teatox Programme is laxative-free or else they're going to continue misleading customers who think that they're buying the original version.

I do recommend that you purchase the original Bootea Teatox Programme from Bootea's own website or stockists such as Holland & Barrett. Boots are the only stockist that do not seem to stock the original version, selling the laxative-free version that they may have exclusivity with. So yeah, try to avoid buying Bootea from Boots unless you want a version that makes no difference!

I guess I'll have to try the original Bootea Teatox next time then. That's if I don't revert back to Skinnymint. Have you bought Bootea from Boots before and experienced the same thing? If you have, feel free to share your experience.

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  1. Thanks for your honest review! I've seen this tea advertised on so many social sites and I thought about buying it. I notice a little definition. I currently use a super slimming tea that I found at an Asian market. Works pretty well but it says to drink no longer than 7 days. :(

  2. You're welcome! Oh really, that sounds great! What's the name of the tea? I might try it x


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