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Monday, 7 March 2016

Sugar Plumin' With Ciaté

Ciate Sugarplum Nail Paint Pot Review

Having coloured nails always makes me feel refreshed and updated. So when I received my Ciaté Advent Calendar two Christmases ago, I was totally ecstatic and excited to try all the colours out. However, its been two years now and I still haven't tried every colour.

As my polishes are still in great condition due to storing them well, I thought to myself... why not blog about the polishes now that my blog is up and running again? So here we are!

Ciate Sugarplum Nail Paint Pot ReviewFirst up, the nail polish that I'm going to be introducing is Ciaté Sugarplum. This colour is one of the most intriguing colours I've ever come across. The reason why is that it's quite hard to tell what the colour actually is. Ciaté describes the colour as "pretty pastel lavender shade", which is genuinely what it looks like by looking at the pot. However, what fascinates me is when it's on your nails, the colour can slightly change to a light grey with a purple undertone or to an off-white colour depending on how the light hits your nails.

I actually really like this colour, I had quite a few compliments when I was wearing it. Also, Spring is technically here now (even though it feels more like Winter) and pastel colours are totally on-trend for this season. Maybe I'll be wearing Sugarplum more often!

What do you guys think of this shade?



  1. I always like having my nails painted too! It might sound silly, but it just makes me feel slightly more put together! The color is gorgeous!

    1. I know exactly what you mean haha! x

    2. Love this color!!! I always have my nails painted. One day at work someone told me that I am known for always having my nails done.. I guess that means I always got to keep them on point because all eyes are on my hands.. LOL

    3. Haha that's so funny! That's the feeling of nail-nakedness lol x


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