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Thursday, 11 February 2016

How To Get A Job After Graduating

How to get a job after graduating tips
With the thought of job applications and job interviews, graduating from university can seem a bit overwhelming and daunting for some. Having graduated last year in September, I understood the 'panic' of needing a job but managed to escape the stress that many graduates experience by landing myself into a full-time job with my first and only job interview. I know I didn't achieve that out of sheer luck, so I'm going to let all of you current and upcoming graduates out there know how I did it and how you can do it too.

1. Figure yourself out.

First things first, you should always have a good idea as to what you want to do after university. Students get too fixated into revising for their exams and/or completing their dissertations, but hardly give enough thought towards what they're actually studying for. Yes, obviously for a degree. But for which job? Which industry? Which sector? Which location? You should always try to be clear on what you actually want to do. Before going to university, I knew I wanted to do something within PR/Marketing/Events, so I chose to study for a degree in Media & Communications because the course covered all three of those subjects. It wasn't until late second year through work experience that I had figured out that I wanted to work within the fashion PR/Marketing industry. The earlier you figure out what you want to do, the clearer your path can be to achieving your desired job.

2. Gain experience and spice up your CV.

So once you know roughly what it is that you want to do, one of the most important parts of getting the job you want is over. Next thing you need to do is build the path to get that job by building experience.Your potential employer doesn't really want to see the 'Work Experience' part of your CV saying 'Assistant at Flappers Fish & Chip Shop' or 'Bar Staff at Chlamydia Superclub.' They literally don't care. If they only saw part-time jobs written on your résumé, the things going through their minds are "how come you don't have any experience in the industry?" and "what part of working at a chip shop makes us believe that you're capable of working in this corporate environment?" Trust me, your CV will be binned in a blink of an eye. Throughout my three years at university, it was compulsory to do work placements in our first two years. If final year wasn't hard enough, I also chose to complete another internship out of my own accord. I did this because I wanted to show employers that I was hard-working and was able to handle the pressure of doing an internship alongside my final year. Who knows, the company you interned at could open up a vacancy and if you left a good impression during your internship, you'd be more appealing to them compared to other applicants. This was actually how I got the job I have now. The company that I interned for during my final year had a PR & Marketing Assistant job opportunity. They told me about it so I applied, attended an interview and got the job!

Your efforts to gain insight into the industry won't go unnoticed, you really need experience to make your CV stand out amongst other graduates and individuals who graduated the year before. A degree on your CV to employers has become something that is expected, not something that 'wows' them anymore - there is more competition than you think and there is much more to prove.

3. Stay determined and motivated.

I'm not going to lie, it was extremely hard. I cried, I stressed, I moaned and there were times when I'd just break down wanting to give up. One thing that kept me going was the fact that I'd be in a better position than any other graduates out there. Nowadays, graduates refuse to do an internship just because it is unpaid. First off, I personally don't think its right that a lot of companies don't pay their interns, or at least pay for their expenses. However, as students you genuinely need to realise that you most likely won't be able to get your breakthrough until you can prove that you're capable enough for that job role. Most companies are flexible with your working hours if you're there as an intern anyway because they know that you're not being paid for lending them a helping hand. So realistically you can make it work around your part-time job. Whether you're still studying or you've just graduated, please understand that sacrifices have to be made (I even had to give up my lunch breaks during my internship just to work on my dissertation).  An important thing to remember when you feel like giving up because you don't feel like you're getting anywhere is by thinking about the outlook of your future. Trust me, you'd be so proud of yourself for the handwork and determination you've put in once you've secured a job... just think of having an actual salary! So keep persevering, your break will come.

So that's it. Everything I've said was what I had learnt and experienced, so I hope that you found it useful. Finding a job isn't easy but adding valuable experience onto your CV would make it easier. If you have any questions or if you need any more advice, just comment below and I'll answer them as best as I can.

Always remember - Treat applying for jobs as a competition. You have to be proactive. The less you procrastinate, the more chance you'll have.

Good Luck!



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