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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Getting Fruity with NSPA Shower & Bath Gels

NSPA Shower and Bath Gels Review
When it comes to shower and bath products, I'm a sucker for anything that smells fruity.

As time goes by, your nose tends to start adapting to familiar scents. This used to happen to me a lot until my mum discovered the NSPA's Fruit Extracts Range around three years ago in ASDA. Since then, I've been religiously using these shower gels for about three years straight - yes, it's that amazing!

I remember the first time when I used it, I came out of the shower smelling like raspberries and couldn't believe how delicious the scent was and how long the scent lingered. From then on, I fell completely in love with the whole range. Not to mention, the packaging is so cute! With its rainbow colours and bold fonts, there's no doubt that it'll catch your eye when you're walking down the toiletry aisles at the supermarket.

Being more of a shower-girl, I generally only use this in the shower. I had tried using this in the bath a handful of times but if I'm honest, I didn't get the same satisfaction. I found that the bubbles were a bit weak in terms of the longevity, and I also found that the scent weakened quite quickly after bathing.

NSPA Shower and Bath Gels ReviewOverall, I wouldn't recommend this product if you're thinking to replace your current bubble bath with it. However, if you're looking to replace your old shower gel, then I would 100% recommend this product to you. Retailing at £2.97 for a big 500ml bottle and smelling deliciously good enough to eat (please don't)... honestly, how can you not?

NSPA are also against animal testing too, which I am very glad about and respect.

Have you tried NSPA Shower & Bath Gels before? Which scent is your favourite? This product is currently on offer at ASDA for £2.00! So stock up now!



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