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Friday, 6 February 2015

White & Gold Croc-Effect Flats

Looking through my shoe collection, I came to the realisation that 80% of it are actually made out of heels and wedges. So when it was time to buy another pair of shoes, i told myself that the next pair of shoes that i buy WILL be flats. I actually find it really hard to find a pair of flats that i like. I don’t know if it’s just me, but most of the time when i see flats, i find the design and look of them to be pretty boring and plain. Whereas if it was heels, you can throw on any colour, pattern or design and it’ll instantly become sexy or quirky!
So when I made a quick visit to Topshop the other day, I was surprised to be instantly drawn to a pair of white flats.

When i saw them i knew that they were coming home with me so i quickly grabbed a size 5 and went to pay. When i got back, i tried them on and regretted not trying them on in the store. I know, I know, always try before you buy, but i was wearing boots that day so it was too much effort lol *facepalm.*
The problem was that I loved the look of them but i felt like they weren’t really true to size. So within the next couple of days, i went back to the store hoping to exchange them for a size 6. This time i did try the 6’s on haha and guess what? I found them too big.
Suckered with the fact that they were so pretty, i took my original size 5’s back home and told myself that it’ll stretch through time etc. So the other day, i wore them to uni and because i walk there and back i thought that it’ll be the perfect opportunity for the shoes to stretch. Boy was i wrong, my toes were in so much pain by the time i got back to my apartment.
I have to admit though, my feet are a bit wide but obviously not wide wide like frog-feet wide LOL so i believe that these shoes are not made for people with wider feet. The discomfort is tolerable for a short while which is why from now on, i can only wear these shoes out if i know that i won’t be doing a lot of walking which is sadddddd. These shoes will forever be one of those shoes that you’re proud to have but won’t be able to wear them often – just like your favourite party heels.
They’re just so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy... :(
photo 2-2
If you guys like these shoes and are lucky enough to not have wide feet, they’re called “SERPENT Croc-Effect Slippers” from Topshop priced at £26.
What do you guys think of these flats? Are you like me who refuses to return a pair of shoes just because of how pretty they are?

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