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Friday, 6 February 2015

White & Gold Croc-Effect Flats

Looking through my shoe collection, I came to the realisation that 80% of it are actually made out of heels and wedges. So when it was time to buy another pair of shoes, i told myself that the next pair of shoes that i buy WILL be flats. I actually find it really hard to find a pair of flats that i like. I don’t know if it’s just me, but most of the time when i see flats, i find the design and look of them to be pretty boring and plain. Whereas if it was heels, you can throw on any colour, pattern or design and it’ll instantly become sexy or quirky!
So when I made a quick visit to Topshop the other day, I was surprised to be instantly drawn to a pair of white flats.


Sunday, 1 February 2015

Casual Monochrome

Hello Februaryyyyyy!!
Can you believe that one month has already gone?! So crazy. Hope everybody has had a good start to 2015 and not already like, “Eughhhhhhh 2015 is definitely not my year…BRING ON 2016, 2016 IS MY YEAR I SWEAR!” (like what the hell lol). Im actually quite looking forward to what 2015 brings to me since i graduate this year! Well i hope i do… if this dissertation doesn’t end up twisting all of the nerves in my brain to make my head explode into every letter in the alphabet.
So anyways, here is last weeks OOTD. I wore this for a little dinner date out and I actually loved the look. Normally i always plan what i want to wear the night before and initially i planned to wear a dress. But when it was time to get ready, i started to get incredibly hungry and i knew that i could actually eat my own body weight. So i thought a quick last minute change would be a better idea because if my boyfriend was going to see a pot somewhere, it’ll be from the restaurant kitchen and not from my belly at the opposite end of the table haha.

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