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Friday, 19 December 2014

Travel | Paris, France

So last year on 12/12/13, Sat surprised me by taking me to London to celebrate our 1st anniversary together (yes we got together officially on 12/12/12..cute huh? 12 is my lucky number too). This year, we both thought that it would be nice to spend our 2nd anniversary in Paris. :)

We spent 3 nights and 4 days in Paris. We chose to stay at the Dream Castle Hotel at Disneyland because surprisingly it was much more cheaper than staying in the City. The hotel was 4* and also gave guests free buffet breakfast as well as complimentary shuttle rides to Disneyland, so the cost really was substantially more cheaper and more luxurious than what we would’ve got if we had chosen to stay in the city with the same amenities.
DAY 1.
So as we road tripped down instead of taking the plane (which added to the fun),  it wasn’t until like 9pm until we got to our hotel.
The hotel looked really grand outside, it really lived up to the ‘Castle’ in its name so we were really excited upon arriving. When we got in, it got even better as we were told that our King double room was upgraded to a Family room so we had a bit more space in our room as well as a convenient bunk bed for Sat if he was being annoying lol joke joke haha. :D
As we spent our first day just travelling, we got on the complimentary shuttle to Disney Village and devoured some food at Planet Hollywood before resting for a fun-filled day at Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios the next day. Forgot to take the camera down with us because food was the only thing on our minds haha.
DAY 2.
So day 2 was actually our anniversary date 13/12/14. Actually was so happy that we were able to spend our day at Disneyland since i haven’t been to the one in Paris before. But before our adventure, we had breakfast at the hotel and took some photos at the lobby whilst waiting for the shuttle.
Excuse the bed hair. It was really early lol
Why your eyes closed :'(
Wearing Forever 21 shirt and Topshop leather joggers
Generously letting him borrow my throne :D
Just chilling on my throne in my castle ;)
Walt Disney Studios & Disneyland!!!
As our tickets was a ‘2 Park 1 Day hopper ticket,’ we tried our best to be efficient with our time so that we could make the most out of the two parks. We were told that Walt Disney Studios closes earlier than Disneyland so it made more sense if we went there first. Plus we knew the atmosphere at night in Disneyland would be much more lively and fun.
IMG_2540:D IMG_2558
This was inside Walt Disney Studios “Studio 1.” Its kinda like the food court of the park. The atmosphere was bustling. This place also became our go-to place for warmth as it was the coldest day of our trip. The wind was insane and the rain was crazy…but it didn’t really take away the experience we had. But yeah, we ran back in here every time we felt like our fingers and noses were gonna freeze and drop off lol.
Every time Sat tried to take continuous burst shots of the place with the camera, I’m always photobombing it lol
Queueing inside for the Tower of Terror. This was our favourite ride by far, it was so fun and scary. The actors there gave us a good scaring too at one point haha.

Lmao we couldn’t stop taking pictures with this one particular baby Chewbacca toy because it resembled my brother’s dog Yuna so much with its scruffy hair and roundness.
Had to capture Buzz’s rare moment of giving birth to Chindians lol
This was Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, it was such an amazing show featuring all of these crazy motorised stunts with motorbikes and cars. There was also an appearance of Lightning Mcqueen from Cars which was so cute because it looked like it stepped straight out from the movie with how alike and real it was.
The Winter parade! Chose a good spot to watch it where Sleeping Beauty’s castle was glistening behind it all.:)
Caught Woody doing the 1, 2 Step LOL
The Clawwwwwww
IMG_1191IMG_2770IMG_1208IMG_1200 IMG_2772 
How amazing does this store look?! So futuristic until Sat does his continues bursts shots again to capture how cool the store looked and i jumped in…again lol (if he was reading this he’d be rolling his eyes thinking ‘oh for god’s sakes’ lmao)
So after a fun-filled day and night at Disney, Sat really wanted to take me out somewhere nice to eat because he didn’t want to end our anniversary eating back at the hotel restaurant. So we found a cute little restaurant outside of the touristy parts of Disney and we ended our anniversary day with a nice dinner.:)
Day 3
Our third day was our chill day because we were so tired from Disneyland and we were so determined that we were both getting a cold because we were running around the parks like drenched cold rats. Originally, we planned our 3rd day to visit the Eiffel tower but because it was raining that day too, we thought it’ll be better to do it on our last day where it wouldn’t be raining. So we decided to visit Val d’Europe, a shopping mall near Disneyland.
When we got there, I was so glad to see that they had a Pandora store because last year when Sat took me to London for our 1st anniversary, i got a Big Ben charm to represent our time then, so i was planning to buy an Eiffel Tower Charm for my bracelet to represent our time in Paris. To my surprise when i was looking around for the charm, Sat came back to me with a Pandora bag in his hand and told me that he’s got it for me already! (such a cutie). We then walked around for ages but spent most of our time in this huge toy store inside.
I really wanted this Monopoly board, but it was in French :(
Been caught trying on silly stuff lol
Forever bitch facing (- _ -)
After our visit to the mall, we decided to drive back to the hotel to catch the shuttle back to Disney Village since it was our last night there. We loved Disney Village, the nightlife was great and it just felt really nice and safe there, so we went to visit places we haven’t been to like the art gallery and the Lego store since Sat is crazy about anything to do with Lego lol. We also went back to the huge Disney store there too as we went on a souvenir hunt for Sat’s mum. :)
Day 4
Our fourth day was our final day! We ate our breakfast at the hotel in the morning, checked out at 12:00 pm and made our way to Paris city :)
Finally the Eiffel Tower! Never actually been up there ever, so it was really nice to actually experience it first-hand with my boyfriend. The view up there was breath-taking!
Clearly getting a bit too excited just before entering the lift to go up
IMG_2852IMG_2857IMG_2874IMG_1219IMG_1227  IMG_2872  IMG_1221IMG_1223IMG_1225  IMG_1234IMG_1249
LOL This was when he was freezing his ass off and couldn’t take it anymore hahaha ^^^
There was transparent glass that you can walk on up on the Eiffel. Literally our legs were starting to go numb as soon as we stood on it. But it was actually really cool when we got used to the height…well when i got used to the height haha.
When we were finished at the Eiffel Tower, we were rushing to the Love Lock Bridge because it was one of the main things we wanted to do on this trip but were really pushed for time as we had to make sure we had enough travel time to get to Calais for our ferry ride home. Thankfully, we made it there after getting lost in the city! So we went to the nearest souvenir store to buy a lock and also got it engraved for free!
So that was it! After the Love Lock Bridge, we made our way back to Calais to catch our ferry ride. Quite crazy actually because whilst driving there, i asked Sat “do the ferry workers wake you up if you were still asleep when you were supposed to get off?” Next thing you know when we were in the ferry, “HELLO?!! EXCUSE ME?!!!”….. we actually fell asleep on the sofas the whole journey and had to be woken up by the workers because we were the last two people up there LOL (did i jinx that?)
Anyways! That was our trip! I had such an amazing memorable time in Paris with my boyfriend and hopefully you guys could see that and enjoyed reading my experience in this blog post. Who knows, next year we could be celebrating our 3rd anniversary in another City in Europe…we’ll see! ;)
Thanks for reading! x

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