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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Winter has come early… Bring in the oversized sweaters!

Winter has approached! Brrrrrrrrrr!
Technically its still Autumn/Fall cause we’re still in November, but oh my god how cold has it been?! Winter has definitely came early. Every time i walk to uni i feel like my nose is either gonna drop off, or harden and turn into a button lol.
Im always the one that wants to hang onto the summer, I literally cannot stand the cold, its crazy. I don’t have much variety when it comes to winter clothes because I’m more of a summer girl. Every time i try to buy winter clothes like chunky knit jumpers, knee high boots, warm coats etc, i ALWAYS end up buying off-shoulder jumpers, heels and thin jackets.
See what i mean about refusing to believe that it’s winter? (- _ -)
Anyways, not too long ago i bought two oversized off-shoulder sweaters from Missguided. I brought one in baby blue and one in apricot and you know what? After buying these two, i literally want to get it in all of the colours available. Its actually very warm because its actually pretty thick and chunky.

Here is what it looks like on me:
image-13Do you guys like it? I think that the style and quality of the jumper is great, so i wanted to share it with you lot :) If you guys like it, search for “Ophelita Off Shoulder Knitted Jumper” on Missguided’s website because it comes in many colours. x

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